Paediatric Massage Instruction

Paediatric Massage Instruction

Touch is the first language we learn as infants. We learn that touch can be positive, nurturing, comforting and loving.

As parents we look for opportunities to bond with our children and create lifelong memories.

Paediatric Massage Instruction gives us that opportunity.

Through regular infant massage we can communicate with our babies and young children. We can strengthen our bond and attachment to one another; we can help them learn about their own bodies - developing an understanding of what positive touch is - and also help them develop the knowledge and confidence that they have power over their own body.

The benefits of infant massage - not just for our children but also ourselves - are both varied and enduring.

Massage is more than just a luxury; it is a valid and vital means of communicating and connecting physically and emotionally with our children, which can be continued throughout their lives.

While we predominately service the Central and Eastern areas of Melbourne, we are happy to cater to clients in other areas and travel further afield to help parents and professionals learn more about this wonderful skill.