How to throw an amazing baby shower

Thank you to Erin from //celebrateplay// for this guest blog.

A baby is on the way, so it is time to celebrate and when it comes to life’s biggest events they don’t get much bigger than the birth of a baby, right? To honour these new beginnings, all you need is a plan with a spot of creativity and a sprinkling of personal touches to create a pretty, practical and SPECIAL baby shower.

Grab a cuppa, notepad and pen and curl up to enjoy this blog. Today I am sharing my top ten organisational and planning secrets so you can create a baby shower that is pretty, practical and nothing short of AMAZING!! Let the celebration begin!!

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How to make a lactation smoothie to increase your milk supply

Making a lactation smoothie is an easy, simply and delicious way to help increase and maintain your milk supply. What I love about lactation smoothies is that, done right, they not only are great for milk supply but are an awesome quick nutritious meal for new and busy mums – when you are too busy to cook something up for breakfast or lunch or just need another snack idea. In addition, you can drink them one handed which is so totally your life now!Continue Reading →

Why it’s better to choose natural for your baby

Guest Post by Caroline from Avidiva

When you become a mummy for the first time you are filled with love, delight, joy, amazement and that sense of a true connection, an ultimate bond and those primal like instincts kick in.

You are surviving through sleep deprivation, through worry, through sheer exhaustion, as your milk comes in, hubby returns to work and you are left with this tiny little human to look after, to protect and to nourish.

It’s often an overwhelming time, a time when you have so much responsibility and often, unknowingly, so little knowledge. Dr Google becomes your best friend and you wonder just how your mum did it!! We live in a world of options… so many choices, so many places giving advice, and so many decisions to be made! And now you’re not just making these decisions for little old you, you’re making them for your precious bundle too.Continue Reading →

Hermosa Body: A project of body love

Definition of Hermosa: Gorgeous. Beautiful. Lovely.

Definition of a Hermosa Body: A body that is gorgeous, beautiful and lovely.

I like that.

When I was pregnant with my first, society never told me that I would be gorgeous, beautiful or lovely. They said I would feel tired, heavy and well…. puffy. That is what society told me I would be, so I believed it. By my next two pregnancies, I had spent a lot of time on my self care and self love and was ready to love my pregnant self. But society had still not changed.


So when I hear about projects like The Hermosa Co’s Body Love photoshoot, I feel the tide turning. I feel excited.  Someone is going to put their hand out to pregnant women. To reach out and tell them they are beautiful, glowing and thriving. To bring together pregnant women from our communities and showcase that there is no one definition of a pregnant body and that every shape and size is perfect.

And Lydia from The Hermosa Co did just that. And more.

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Visitors after the birth of your baby



There is no question about it – new babies cause quite a stir. Everyone from family to friends to work colleagues are super excited at the news of your new arrival and chances are, after the birth of your baby  you will find your phone running hot with eager visitors!

However, this is a new time for you and your husband/partner. New routines, new thoughts, new sleep patterns, new responsibilities, and it is a good idea to take some time during your pregnancy to think about how you want to handle visitors once baby is here.Continue Reading →

Post Natal self care – the first week

Post Natal care, the fourth trimester, the babymoon period…. Whilst there are a few names out there for this stage of our journey into parenthood, it is generally a commonly over looked and under estimated time in our life, for the mother especially.

Post Natal care refers to any time after the baby is born. It can relate to both the physical, mental and the psychological state of the mother and baby (and even the dad) and it is a very important topic.Continue Reading →

Choosing the right caregiver for your pregnancy

The first step in your pregnancy journey can sometimes be the hardest – choosing your pregnancy care provider for the duration of your pregnancy. It is also a subject that evokes a lot of emotion from other well meaning people in your life. 

Choosing your care provider comes down to a number of factors including your health, whether your pregnancy is low or high risk, your personal preference for public or private, an obstetrician or midwife, home or hospital birth, water birth, doula, the list goes on…..  But how do you know which one to choose? How do you know what you don’t know? Continue Reading →

How to choose a maternity photographer?

So, you have discovered you are pregnant. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be a mum. The first thing you do, when you discover you are pregnant is touch your belly. Every day you wait for the bump to grow a little bigger and you can’t wait to flaunt it! You’d love to capture these moments forever. To make your maternity photoshoot a breeze we have a few tips:Continue Reading →

Self Care During your pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most joyous moments in a woman’s life. A tiny thing growing inside you for 9 months. The focus is on the baby – how it is growing, what it will look like, is it healthy. It can be easy to overlook your own needs, but personal care during your pregnancy is essential. To help you get through those 40 weeks, to set you up for motherhood, to assist you for a safe and peaceful labour and birth and for the general health of your unborn child.

Here are a few easy ways to care of yourself:Continue Reading →