About Us

Hi, Welcome to the Nesting Mum


Somewhere around the middle of my first pregnancy, I found my bras feeling a little too tight. So I wandered –clueless- into the nearby Kmart underwear section. There under the “maternity” section, I found some nice frilly bras, some sturdy looking black ones and even ones with spots. I sorted out my size and went home. What was I thinking? These bras were maternity bras –for feeding your baby! – they weren’t  for someone whose growing middle was causing them trouble in the morning doing the clips up– just buy a bra extender or a bigger regular bra, you goose! I laughed incredulously at my naivety of all things pregnancy.

Fast forward three babies later and I have a little bit more knowledge in the area but what I was still finding hard was finding out where to go for all my pregnancy needs – sure there was baby shops for cots, prams, change tables, a gazillion toys and the extra cute little outfits that you always get sucked into buying too many of – but items such as maternity clothes, exercise groups for pregnancy and the right pillow for those sore hips weren’t easy to find. I was lucky enough to have a great support team around me – I learnt hypnobirthing, utilised chiropractic every step of the way, encapsulated my placenta and found my home in a great team of midwifes – but most of my pregnant (and non-pregnant friends) hadn’t even heard about the benefits of these types of services/products, let alone knew where to find them.

And so the idea for a curated collection of pregnancy services, all in the one spot, was created. It is called The Nesting Mum to symbolise the person you are about to become – a mother and a home to someone whose heart beats within yours. The Nesting Mum will help to take away the worry and time spent searching for the right pregnancy products and services – so you can focus on the most important bit – you and your baby.

My name is Kylie, I am a wife and mother of three (you can see our family above in our other occupation – professional picnickers) and I look forward to walking beside you on your pregnancy journey.

Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.
Harriette Hartigan